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Aug 7th 2012

Be Brave…try something different.

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  Feet in the White Sand Be brave and try something different if the status quo is hampering your bottom line. We offer ideas and ways to look at things from a new perspective. You won't be disappointed when you here us say, "Why not...?" Many times in business we can't see the problem because we are too close to it or we are so involved in the process and that we have no idea what part might be causing the other parts to be out of balance. Let us give you a fresh perspective on your company

Aug 7th 2012

Have any water?

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Got any Water? You need water to survive. We live in the desert and that is always clear with a simple glance out the window. The same goes for businesses. The water to a business is its core values and fundamentals. Without a clear plan of who you are and what you represent you are just another ship adrift in the sea. Let us help you to focus your business on its core values and competencies by streamlining processes and letting you focus on what you are great at and delegating the rest. Doing this lets you become

Aug 7th 2012

Work smarter not harder.

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The Finish Line At 2 Percent Consulting we love to run, bike and swim. This love of sports and endurance translates into our lives and work. We are passionate about pushing ourselves to achieve new goals and helping others to do the same, but being smart about it.  We love to work with businesses and help them learn the best way to reach their goals. We work smarter not harder. Let us walk, run, or sprint with you to the finish line of reaching and exceeding your goals for your business and life.

Aug 6th 2012


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Riding a Bike on a Tight Rope Have you ever needed a fresh approach to something? We help people and businesses transform their thinking and help them to see new ways of doing things that will help them become more efficient and more flexible in their business. Today's business environment is ever-changing and we are always needing to understand how it impacts our core business plan and how to move and mold it to fit the way things are "nowadays." "Nowadays" we are all trying to balance many things from our social media presence to accounting to thinking

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