We are all very busy working and doing and accomplishing, but when we slow down do we know why? Do we have a grasp on the thing that really propels us forward in our business, our life, our personal growth? Do we know our why?

I have tried lots of adventures and business ideas. Some turned out better than others. When I look back at them I notice a pattern. When I know why I am doing something then I begin to understand how to be successful in that thing or simply move on to something else that has a more powerful why for me.

For example, I loved college and I entered it with enough credit from Advanced Placement classes to already be a sophomore. My drive in my last two years of high school to take as many AP classes was very strong because I wanted to get those all important credit hours and be able to skip some of the general classes in college. I knew my why.

Once I was in college I was amazed at the vast array of classes I could take. I am a ferocious learner and it was like a smorgasbord of classes in the arts, sciences and cultures. I loved it all. I also changed my major three times. I discovered I hadn’t got a clue what my why was long-term even though I was doing well in my classes. I decided I had to find the major, the realm that screamed Heather. I made it a matter of not only time and energy but of faith and prayer. What good is all this learning if I don’t know why I am learning it? I had to know my why and I knew I had found it when I started taking my Business Operations class from Warner Woodworth in the BYU Marriott School of Management. I knew I wanted to have the tools and knowledge that would let me help businesses, especially the underdogs called small businesses become the best businesses. That why drove me through business school and I ate up all the rest of my classes, even finance. I finally saw it applied to life. How it applied to my life.

Dream BoardLesson. Know your why? When you know your why and it is firmly in your heart you feel it, you breathe it and you will be successful at it. Don’t know your why and you will be swept to and fro on the vast ocean of everyone else’s why. It may take time to find it and it may surprise you and it may require some change on your part, but it will be your anchor in that ocean and your lighthouse when you need it. So…go find it! Or if you know it make sure you put it somewhere you can see it. I love my dream board and am always adding things to it to remind me every day why I do what I do to get where I want to go.


-Heather Frushour

Managing Member-2 Percent Consulting